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Musicians Earplugs and Monitors

Musicians require special types of ear protection to keep their hearing safe from damage due to consistent exposure to loud noise. While store-bought earmolds can help in a pinch, they’re not recommended for long-term use, as they can block out too much sound and prevent the user from hearing their music. Inland Hearing Aids, Inc provides musicians earplugs and monitors for the perfect level of protection.

Musicians Earplugs

Unlike maximum-frequency options, earplugs that block low- to mid-frequency sounds provide the ideal balance of hearing ability and ear protection. Musicians earplugs are designed especially for performers, as well as other professionals who work in loud environments, such as:

  • DJs
  • Sound crews
  • Band teachers
  • Industrial and construction workers
  • Aircraft marshallers
  • Truck drivers
  • Athletic coaches and referees

At Inland Hearing Aids, Inc, we offer both ready-to-wear and custom-fit musicians earplugs to suit your needs. If you have special hearing concerns or prefer higher quality sound isolation and comfort, we can create earplugs for you using a mold to ensure an exact fit for your ear. For less frequent exposure, our ready-fit earmolds can decrease sound levels by approximately 20 decibels to protect your hearing without affecting your ability to hear the music or converse with those around you. Your hearing instrument specialist (HIS) can help you determine the earplugs that work best for you.

Musicians Monitors

In addition to musicians earplugs, we also offer in-ear monitors (IEM) to protect the ear while providing advanced hearing abilities. With the use of IEMs, musicians can hear their music as clearly as the audience does despite proximity to loud amplification systems. However, the devices still block harmful frequencies to safeguard hearing. While universal options are available and can be partially customized to fit the ear, fully customized IEMs are recommended for optimal performance.

The Benefits of Musicians Earplugs and Monitors

Musicians earplugs and IEMs offer a wide range of practical and health benefits. They may include:

  • Protection against hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), or even permanent cochlear damage
  • Ability to hear and communicate with those around you
  • Ideal hearing protection without the disadvantages of store-bought earplugs, such as the distortion of your own voice and inability to hear your surroundings
  • Customized fit for maximum comfort and efficiency

Your hearing is critical to your quality of life, and if you’re regularly exposed to loud noises, the detrimental effects are often difficult to reverse. With ready-fit and customized hearing protection options available, Inland Hearing Aids, Inc has the perfect solution for your needs. Contact our Moses Lake, WA office today at (509) 765-4467 to speak with an HIS about our quality musicians earplugs and monitors.