Dan Morehouse, Hearing Aid Specialist

Dan Moorehouse

Dan Morehouse, HIS
Hearing Instrument Specialist

Inland Hearing Aids’ Dan Morehouse is one of the lucky people who truly enjoys going to work each day. Dan Morehouse, owner of Inland Hearing Aids, Inc., is a prime example of someone who has chosen a career field he is passionate about.

Morehouse performs a complete Hearing Evaluation and provides his clients with the information and help they need to improve the quality of their lives through better hearing. Degree and type of loss, lifestyle, dexterity and environment are some of the factors Dan considers when choosing the right device for each individual.

“Hearing Devices have changed monumentally in the last 17 years. Today we have hearing devices we are able to program without wires, fully digital aids that can be operated through Smart Phones, can connect wirelessly to the television, cell phones and companion microphones, even to your computer providing more enhanced sound quality for mild, moderate and severe hearing losses. It’s amazing to be in an industry that continues to improve and evolve with modern technology. With devices coming in a range of technologies, they are more affordable than ever. Seeing the difference these devices make in peoples lives is the best reward”

Audrey, Patient Care Coordinator


Born and raised in Moses Lake, Audrey and has worked for Inland Hearing since 2005, thirteen years. As our Patient Care Coordinator, Audrey is available to answer questions or concerns regarding our services and products while assisting patients in scheduling, follow-ups and billing. Audrey takes pride in putting patients first and plays an intricate role in the smooth and efficient flow of the care we provide.

During her off time Audrey enjoys spending time with family and friends. She enjoys boating, riding horses and playing with her three dogs, George, Gracie and Charlie.