Repair Your Hearing Aids Before Buying New Ones

"Damaged hearing aids aren’t the end of the road; bring them to us so we can perform maintenance, repairs, or send them to the manufacturer."

Your hearing aids will face some adversity throughout their lives. It’s only natural for them to get dirty, wet, or damaged. Before you toss them in the junk drawer and write them off completely, bring them to us first. 

Our specialty lies in hearing healthcare and everything that goes with it, including hearing aid repairs. We have the tools and experience to possibly save you thousands in replacement fees. 

Many people give up after their hearing aids break down. This will only cause your hearing loss to get worse. The best thing you can do is bring them to us so we can work our magic and get your hearing back to a healthy state. 

Our Services

No matter the issue with your hearing aids, we can help. Most of our repairs happen onsite, but if we need to send it back to the manufacturer, we will. These companies have trained us to handle most repairs, but sometimes a special part or procedure is needed that only the manufacturer can provide. 

We also help with keeping your hearing aids maintained. We recommend getting your aids professionally cleaned at least once a year, preferably every six months. This helps keep them in tip-top shape and will prevent any internal circuitry damage. 

Keep your hearing aids in a carrying case when not using them. This will protect them from any drops and keep dirt and debris out of them. Letting this build-up can affect the delicate inner workings and, over time, cause problems. 

Why Audiologists are Your Best Option

It may sound weird at first to take a piece of technology to a doctor’s office for repairs, but we can assure you that it should be your first instinct. We have extensive knowledge about all the makers and have the training to perform many repair techniques.

Bringing your hearing aids to us is your best chance at saving money as well. If we can fix it on the spot, it’s much quicker and cheaper than sending it back to the manufacturer for repair.

Don’t look to electronic repair facilities as they lack the knowledge to fix medical devices. We have a record of your hearing and the specific settings you need to get the most from your devices.

If something goes wrong, no matter how big or small, we are the first line of defense and can get your hearing back to normal in the shortest time possible.

If Your Hearing Aids Need To Be Repaired or Cleaned, Schedule an Appointment Here

Common Hearing Aid Damages

Poor Maintenance — Allowing your hearing aids to pick up dust or not cleaning your wax screen are the most common repairs we have to make. This can be avoided with a regular cleaning routine. Keep your cleaning materials close by and try to get in the habit of cleaning them each night before going to bed to avoid repairs.  

Drops or Strikes — Many people keep their hearing aids in the bathroom to make for easy cleaning; however, this invites its own set of dangers. With all the tile, porcelain, and water in your bathroom, one slip of the hand could spell disaster. Dropping your hearing aids is no different than dropping your phone or laptop; it should be avoided at all costs. 

Water Damage — During the summer months, we see a lot of this as people spend more time outdoors and around pools and lakes. Some hearing aids are water resistant, but none are waterproof. If your hearing aids take on water, remove the battery if possible and bring them to us. We have quick-drying machines that can salvage your hearing aids before they become too saturated.  

What to do While Your Aids are Being Fixed

Sometimes your hearing aids will need to be left with us for repair, or we may need to send them to the manufacturer for special repairs. If this happens, we have many options for you to use as a loaner.

This might not have the same performance as your custom hearing aid, but we can program it to get you through the days while yours is out for repair.

If your hearing aids are ready for a tune-up, then please schedule an appointment right here. You can always call us as well with any questions or to arrange a meeting.

Your hearing aids are a big investment, and we want to help in any way we can to protect them and keep you hearing your best.

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Dan Morehouse, HIS

As a hearing instrument specialist and owner of Inland Hearing Aids, Inc., Dan Morehouse has spent more than 20 years earning the trust of physicians, community organizations, and thousands of residents through providing top-level hearing care to Moses Lake and nearby communities.

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