Our Safety Procedures to Keep You Safe During COVID-19

Our Safety Procedures to Keep You Safe During COVID-19

At Inland Hearing Aids, our number one concern will always be our patients and our staff’s health and well-being.

We appreciate how stressful the ongoing global crisis can be, and it’s for this reason we have implemented safety protocols that everyone visiting our healthcare premises must follow.

To stay up to date with the latest CDC government guidelines in your county, please use the CDC tool below.

Please take the time to read our 8 safety procedures before arriving for your appointment.

We thank you for your understanding during this time and look forward to greeting you on your arrival.

1) Be Aware of Symptoms

If you discover that you’ve been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19, have been asked to self-isolate, or are experiencing symptoms, then please call ahead, and we can help you reschedule your appointment.

Symptoms to look out for include fever, cough, shortness of breath, and muscle aches. Remember, not everyone will experience COVID-19 symptoms, so please be considerate of others during this time.

2) Please Wear A Mask

All patients must wear a mask before entering our clinic. We’re sorry to say that there are very few exceptions to this rule.

Our main priority is the health and safety of both our patients and our hearing healthcare experts. One of the most effective ways of ensuring this is by insisting that patients and our staff wear masks.

You will likely be refused entry if you fail to wear a mask on arrival unless you are exempt.

3) Virtual Appointments & Tele Audiology

We understand the inconvenience and added health concerns that COVID-19 has brought upon our patients, and it’s for that reason we’re pleased to offer virtual appointments and Tele Audiology.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can offer face-to-face video appointments via devices such as cell phones, tablets, laptops, and various other technology commonly found in the home.

Thanks to the advancement of hearing aid technology, many modern hearing aids have built-in remote programming features, which will allow your hearing aid specialist to troubleshoot any issues and make adjustments to your device, all from the comfort of your own home.

If you need advice on how to set up virtual appointments, click here.

4) Curbside Assistance

Along with virtual appointments, we at Inland Hearing Aids are pleased to offer our patients the option of curbside appointments.

As efficient as a local drive-through experience, you can remain in your vehicle while one of our hearing experts provides you with professional healthcare service.

Services we offer during your curbside appointment include:

Our curbside service offers essential hearing care while limiting the chance of COVID-19 infection between you or our hearing specialists.

For more information on the services we offer or to set up your curbside appointment, click here.

5) Social Distancing

We must insist that all patients stick to the strict social distancing guidelines within our premises. Our focus is to ensure everyone’s safety, and it’s for that reason that we have also staggered the space between furniture throughout all of our health clinics.

We will also be limiting the number of patients we allow at any one time. Upon arrival, there will be guidelines advising you on how best to follow our COVID-19 protocol.

And remember, if you have any concerns regarding our COVID-19 protocol, please don’t hesitate to speak to a staff member.

6) Cleanliness and Disinfecting Our Premises

You can rest assured that each of our premises is disinfected after every appointment and regularly during the day. All surfaces are thoroughly disinfected – all seats, door handles, equipment, right down to pens on the desk.

The health of our patients and our hearing experts will always be our number one priority.

We thank you in advance for your patience, and we believe that we can return to normality before too long by working together during this crisis.

7) Protective Equipment

Every member of staff is required to wear protective equipment at all times. Every employee will be wearing masks and gloves during every appointment. We have also decided to wear clear masks to ensure there’s no disruption to patient communication.

8) We Remain Up to Date with Government Guidelines

Our promise to you and every one of our patients that we will follow strict government guidelines until we are advised otherwise.

Your health and hearing will always be our number one concern, and it will be our continuous mission at Inland Hearing Aids to ensure that your family remains in the strongest of health.

If you need any further advice on our COVID-19 protocol, would like to make a Tele Audiology appointment or have any ongoing concerns regarding your hearing aids, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dan Morehouse, HIS

As a hearing instrument specialist and owner of Inland Hearing Aids, Inc., Dan Morehouse has spent more than 20 years earning the trust of physicians, community organizations, and thousands of residents through providing top-level hearing care to Moses Lake and nearby communities.

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