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Our Curbside Appointments Help Ensure Safety for All

Our way of living has undergone some significant changes since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

In order to reduce the spread of the virus, protocols for handling medical and hearing care appointments have also changed in order to ensure patient safety as well as the safety of care providers.

Our curbside appointments are among the steps we have taken to apply social distancing ideology while continuing to provide you with high-level hearing care.

What Is a Curbside Appointment?

Although you can’t expect to receive burgers and fries from our curbside appointments, they are very similar to your typical drive-through experience. While you remain safe inside your vehicle, one of our professionals will come out to provide hearing care services such as:

  • Hearing aid repairs
  • Hearing aid cleaning and checking
  • Hearing assessments
  • Access to essential supplies

This limited contact option provides essential hearing care services without the risk of exposure to others who might spread infection to you or to us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Curbside Appointments

How do you do a hearing test when I’m in my car?

Using innovative technologies like noise-canceling headphones and a tablet computer, we are able to duplicate the audiometry portion of testing while the other elements of our hearing assessment process remain virtually the same.

What’s the average wait time?

When you arrive at the facility and give us a call, we’ll send someone as soon as possible, which is usually less than five minutes. If you didn’t book the appointment in advance, it is apt to take us a little bit longer.

Can other people be with me in my car?

You’re welcome to bring just one person or pack your car to the brim with children, dogs, cats, friends, and neighbors – it really doesn’t matter to us.

We encourage bringing close family members for support and input during a first-time hearing assessment.

However, those in your car are not allowed to leave your vehicle during the appointment and they might get a bit restless waiting for us to finish serving your needs.

Schedule A Curbside Appointment

Steps to Setting Up a Curbside Appointment

Calling in advance ensures more prompt attention, but pre-booking is not strictly necessary, we’ll still see you. Here are the simple steps to follow for a curbside appointment:

Phone icon

Give the office a call when you arrive, so we’ll know you’re there.

clock icon

Limit additional waiting time by having all paperwork filled out and ready to present to us.

car icon

Remain in your car throughout the appointment (those accompanying as well).

shaking hands icon

Receive the requested attention from a member of our team.