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Once a leading candidate for Washington’s state capital, Ellensburg lost the opportunity to Olympia when a major fire wrecked the campaign in 1889.

Although Ellensburg and the Yakima Valley’s agricultural influence is still felt across Washington and neighboring states, you can’t help but wonder what other opportunities were lost.

By developing a systematic process for achieving better hearing, combined with today’s most advanced hearing technology and even better service, Dan Morehouse and his team have become Ellensburg’s go-to hearing experts. Doctors, organizations, and thousands of individuals in the community trust us because we provide the best individualized hearing care available, including top-notch service, affordable pricing, and exceptional follow-up visits.

Inland Hearing provides local residents the opportunity to receive better hearing care with diagnostic hearing assessments, a variety of hearing care services, like earwax removal, custom earmolds, and hearing protection, and the most advanced hearing technology in the world.

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When was your last hearing test?

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

When Was Your Last Hearing Test?

Hearing loss also contributes to lost opportunities for many Americans, costing more than $250,000 over an individual’s lifespan due to reduced work productivity. Your ability to communicate is an essential part of your earning capacity, limiting your opportunity to enjoy a higher quality of living.

On average, people wait seven years from their first sign of hearing loss until they take any form of meaningful action. During this time, their hearing drastically worsens, and opportunities to correct problems pass them by. You can avoid missed opportunities by scheduling a quick, professional, non-invasive hearing assessment at our Ellensburg location.

ReSound Quattro hearing aids

Hearing Aid Technology

Rechargeable & Discreet Hearing Technology For Ellensburg

Having fit thousands of ears with hearing aids for over 20 years, Dan Morehouse and his team have seen firsthand how hearing technology has rapidly progressed over the past decade.

The stigma around hearing aids, for most people, is based on the bulky, frustrating devices their parents or grandparents wore.

Small, discreet, and, in some cases, even invisible – the latest technology puts outdated stigmas to rest. These modern aids offer some of the most powerful technological developments but package everything into one tiny device.

Modern hearing aids come with a host of advanced features, like long-lasting rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connection to effortlessly stream music and phone calls directly from your cell phone to your hearing devices.

Today’s technology doesn’t just amplify your hearing; it amplifies your quality of life.

Tele Audiology

Your Safety

No Matter What Happens In The World, You Remain The Center Of Ours

Our safety and sanitization protocols have always been important, but since the start of 2020, we have redoubled our efforts to ensure patient safety. Along with heightened safety protocols, we’ve added a no-contact solution for our patients with our tele-audiology service and limited-contact solutions with our curbside appointments.

Whether health concerns, travel, scheduling, or time commitments prevent you from attending an in-office appointment, you have access to our hearing care experts from the comfort of your Ellensburg, WA home or your vehicle in our parking lot.

With many unknowns on the horizon, your safety will always remain the number one priority of Inland Hearing Aids.

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When it comes to making a decision about the future of your hearing health, it can be difficult to know who you can trust with so much conflicting information available.

That’s why the team of experts at Inland Hearing Aids is here to help.

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Meet Your Team of Hearing Care Professionals at Ellensburg, WA

Dan Morehouse, HIS

Dan Morehouse, HIS

Audrey, Patient Care Coordinator

Audrey, Patient Care Coordinator