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Hearing Care Experts Who Have Earned the Trust Of Omak, WA

The sounds of bird songs, squirrel chatters, marmot whistles, and the wind in the trees during a hike are among the rewards of living in Omak, the gateway to the Okanogan National Forest.

Because we understand that access to top-quality hearing care in such a remote part of Washington is a challenge, Inland Hearing extended our service to Omak and the surrounding communities.

The methodical process to achieve better hearing developed by Dan Morehouse and his team combine today’s most advanced hearing technology with 5-star service. This unique approach helped Inland Hearing Omak’s office become the go-to experts in the area. Our top-notch service, great pricing, exceptional follow-up care, and individualized hearing care have earned the trust of doctors, organizations, and thousands of individuals in the community.

Better hearing care from Inland Hearing includes professional diagnostic hearing assessments, a variety of hearing care services, such as earwax removal, custom earmolds, and hearing protection, and access to the world’s most advanced hearing technology.

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When was your last hearing test?

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Have You Had A Hearing Test Lately?

Although a good hike to your favorite place in the Okanogan National Forest might wear you out, it’s well worth the effort. However, many individuals with hearing loss experience the same level of fatigue in their home or office without the opportunity to enjoy nature. Your hearing challenges might make it a major struggle to communicate during a normal day, leaving you completely drained.

Luckily, you can overcome your exhaustion through expert hearing care.

As hearing loss is left untreated, hearing continues to get worse. Sadly, many people often to wait seven years from their first sign of hearing loss until they take any form of meaningful action. An opportunity to regain the independent and rewarding lifestyle you deserve is passing you by unless you take action now.

Schedule a quick, professional, non-invasive hearing test at our Omak location today.

ReSound Quattro hearing aids

Hearing Aid Technology

Omak Has Access To Rechargeable & Discreet Hearing Technology

Dan Morehouse and his team have firsthand knowledge of how hearing technology has rapidly progressed over the past decade, having fit thousands of ears with hearing aids for over 20 years.

Even as we’ve witnessed drastic changes, the outdated stigmas associated with hearing aids still hang around.

Unlike those bulky, ugly things your parents or grandparents wore, today’s hearing aids are small, lightweight, discreet, and user-friendly, with a lot more power to produce extreme hearing clarity. Modern hearing aids also come with a variety of advanced features, including long-lasting rechargeable batteries and the capacity to easily link your hearing aids to your phone, television, or PC for an advanced hearing experience.

Today’s hearing aid technology amplifies your hearing as well as your life.

Tele Audiology

Your Safety

The World Is Always Changing, But You’re Always The Center Of Ours

Patient safety and sanitization protocols have always been a priority in our clinics, but since 2020, we have increased our focus. Adding to our heightened safety protocols, our patients can also choose our tele-audiology service for a no-contact hearing care solution or curbside appointments for limited contact access to our hearing care experts.

We’re aware that attending an in-office appointment can be a challenge for our patients due to health concerns, travel, scheduling, or time commitments. That’s why we committed to providing additional solutions that allow you to receive the same top-level hearing care you can expect in our office from your Omak, WA home or your vehicle at the curb.

While the world continues to change, you can expect Inland Hearing Aids to make your safety and security a top priority.

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When it comes to making a decision about the future of your hearing health, it can be difficult to know who you can trust with so much conflicting information available.

That’s why the team of experts at Inland Hearing Aids is here to help.

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Meet Your Team of Hearing Care Professionals at Omak, WA

Dan Morehouse, HIS

Dan Morehouse, HIS

Audrey, Patient Care Coordinator

Audrey, Patient Care Coordinator