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Prescription Hearing Aid Repair Enhances Your Hearing Experience

Designed using advanced scientific research and technological innovation, digital hearing aids are incredibly valuable devices capable of dramatically improving your hearing as well as your quality of life. However, they are also delicate and highly sensitive instruments that require the right kind of TLC to make them perform as designed.

The length of service you’ll get from your hearing aids as well as the quality of their performance depends on your commitment to the daily cleaning and upkeep of your hearing aids. In addition to the frustration of dealing with broken hearing aids or malfunctioning hearing aids, you won’t get all of the benefits they provide when they’re not working properly.

Hearing aids are not only a significant investment of money, but they also provide the capacity to hear better and live a more active and independent lifestyle. You may be wondering if there is a place that provides hearing aid repair near you.

Fortunately, whether you purchased your hearing aids from our Moses Lake, Ellensburg, or Omak, WA hearing center, or from somewhere else, the specialists at Inland Hearing Aids, Inc. have the experience, expertise, and equipment to provide troubleshooting, regular maintenance, deep cleaning, or hearing aid repair.

Daniel Moorehouse, Hearing Instrument Specialist tuning a hearing aid

Common Questions Related to Hearing Aid Repair

Can I repair my hearing aids at home?

If your hearing aids malfunction or stop working, your first step is to call us and allow us to help with troubleshooting. You might think your home repair job works, but your device is a finely tuned digital instrument that requires specialized expertise and TLC to perform as designed. Just keep them clean and dry, and we’ll worry about repairs.

How much does hearing aid repair cost?

If your hearing aids are still under warranty, most of the repair costs are covered, but most units over two years old may not be covered unless you have an extended warranty. Repair for an out of warranty hearing aid can run as much as $400 or more for problems like a broken microphone, a short, or water damage, while extensive damage, such as a cracked casing, may cost significantly more or may not be repairable.

Do I have to send my hearing aid to the manufacturer for repairs?

We can handle most repairs, like replacing battery doors, replacing cracked tubes, repairing tube blockages, and deep cleaning in-house. However, for the repair or replacement of some critical components, we have to send your device to the manufacturer using either Federal Express or DHL so that you have them back in your ears ASAP.

Do you have emergency hearing aid replacements available while mine are being repaired?

We do our best to fix most hearing aid problems while you wait, but if you’re going to be without your device for a day or two, or we have to send them to the manufacturer for repair, we’ve got you covered.

We keep a selection of used devices in our Moses Lake, Omak, and Ellensburg, WA clinics, so we’re able to provide you with a pair that is similar to the ones you usually use. Although it may not be a perfect match to your regular pair, they will help you continue to go about your regular activities while you wait for yours to be repaired.

When does it make sense to replace rather than repair?

If your hearing aid is still under warranty, nearly all damages and replacement are covered, but if your device is out of warranty, several other factors need to be taken into consideration. As a rule of thumb, replace your hearing aid if:

  • The instrument is five years old or older in order to take advantage of new technology.
  • Your hearing aid has spent a lot of time in the repair shop.
  • Your device is cracked and/or is custom-molded and repairs are not possible.
  • The prescription for your hearing aids has changed or you want to take advantage of technology and features that weren’t available when you purchased your device.
A Inland Hearing Aids, Inc.  hearing specialist evaluating a hearing aid output
Dan Moorehouse of Inland Hearing Aids, Inc. repairing a hearing aid

Repair Service for Your Hearing Aids

The hearing aid repair specialists at Inland Hearing Aids have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to deliver emergency hearing aid repair, ongoing maintenance, and troubleshooting if you need a little extra help with your hearing aids.

We’ll identify the problem, repair them, and then get them back in working order while you wait or as soon as possible.Because we work with brand name manufacturers, we’re not only trained to deal with the specific issues of a variety of hearing aid models, but it’s also easy for us to get parts or return them to the manufacturer for repair.

Some of the primary manufacturers we work with include:

  • Phonak
  • Oticon
  • ReSound
  • Widex
  • Unitron

Rest assured that if we have to send your device to the manufacturer for repair, we’re able to provide you with emergency replacement hearing aids so you can continue your daily routine with some type of hearing aid.

Schedule an Appointment for Hearing Aid Repair or Maintenance

Hearing aids provide enormous benefits capable of enhancing your quality of life when they are working as designed, but it can become a major frustration when your hearing aids stop working. If you’re not getting the most out of your hearing aids, the hearing aid technicians at Inland Hearing Aids can help with troubleshooting, maintenance, and hearing aid repair.

Submit the adjacent form and a member of our team will contact you to provide assistance scheduling an appointment for hearing aid repair or maintenance at the Ellensburg, Omak, or Moses Lake, WA location nearest you.