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Prescription Hearing Aid Repair Enhances Your Hearing Experience

The frustration of a poor performing prescription hearing aid causes many users to toss them into the junk drawer with other broken electronic devices.

Not only is abandoning your hearing aids a significant financial waste, but it means missing out on the advantages and benefits they provide and puts you at risk for increasing hearing damage and other mental and physical health issues.

Inland Hearing provides prescription hearing aid maintenance and repair to encourage you to keep using your hearing aids and receiving the benefits they provide.

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Schedule a Hearing Aid Repair Appointment

Don’t toss your prescription hearing aid in the junk drawer or continue to struggle with it due to damage or a lack of performance. Bring it to our hearing aid specialists for cleaning, maintenance, or repair, so you can get back to reaping all of the benefits your hearing device provides. If you or a loved one is frustrated with the performance of your hearing aids, submit the form below to schedule a hearing aid repair appointment.

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Repair Service for Your Hearing Aids

If your prescription hearing aids, or those of a loved one, have just stopped working, aren’t performing like they used to, or have some type of structural damage, you can bring them to us for repair. As a part of our commitment to exceptional follow-up care, our hearing aid specialists have the expertise to diagnose the problem and make use of advanced equipment to clean, repair, or adjust your device, so you can continue to enjoy the advantages they provide.

Most maintenance and repair service can take place in our local office, but severely damaged units often need to be sent to the manufacturer for repair. To make sure that your hearing instrument is back in service as soon as possible, we use either FedEx or DHL for shipping.

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A Loaner During Repair

Should we send your instrument to the manufacturer or if in-office repairs are going to cause you to go without your prescription hearing aids for an extended period of time, we have loaner devices you can use while you wait.

In order to match your usual device as closely as possible, we have a variety of in-the-ear and behind-the-ear devices available.

Although they won’t be exactly like your custom formed device, they’ll work in a pinch until your instrument is ready.