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Hearing Care Experts Who Have Earned The Trust Of Okanogan, WA

Since its early beginnings, our community has been known as a rendezvous point for Central Washington and the Cascades, bringing together people of many cultures and backgrounds. Providing better hearing by our hearing care experts near Okanogan, WA, is one of the ways we help bring people together and strengthen relationships.

The Omak, Ellensburg, and Moses Lake communities have been acquainted with Dan Morehouse and his team at Inland Hearing Aids for more than 25 years. Local physicians and multiple organizations have put their trust in Inland Hearing and their methodical approach to better hearing, recognizing them as the go-to hearing care experts in the region.

The Most Trusted Hearing Care Experts
Inland Hearing Makes Better Hearing Possible

Better Hearing Is Possible With Inland Hearing

The only solution to hearing loss for most people is a hearing aid, but advanced hearing technology is only one piece of the better hearing puzzle. More critical to quality hearing care is working with the right team of experts with a track record of helping thousands of people achieve better hearing near Okanogan.

Our hearing care experts at our Omak, WA, clinic use hearing assessments to create a personalized hearing care solution that meets your unique type and severity of hearing loss. We will also make sure it aligns with your lifestyle and budget needs. Better hearing is possible with Inland Hearing, thanks to our systematic, personal approach and today’s most advanced hearing aid technology. We are here to support you on your journey to better hearing and an independent lifestyle.

Earwax removal, custom earmolds, and hearing protection are among the additional benefits provided by Inland Hearing, but we take things a step further by meeting your hearing care needs from the comfort of your Okanogan, WA home with tele-audiology or curbside appointments at our Omak location.

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Dan Morehouse, HIS

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Audrey, Patient Care Coordinator

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