Effective Earwax Removal Techniques: A Guide by Inland Hearing Aids

Managing earwax is a crucial aspect of maintaining good ear health, yet it is often overlooked

Managing earwax is a crucial aspect of maintaining good ear health, yet it is often overlooked. It’s important to understand the significance of proper and safe earwax removal.  

This comprehensive guide is crafted to assist you in managing your ear health effectively. 

Understanding Earwax and Its Removal 

The Dos and Don’ts of Earwax Removal: 

Avoid Cotton Swabs:

While it might be tempting to use a cotton swab to clean your ears, this method can actually push wax deeper into the ear canal, risking damage to the eardrum. Rather than removing earwax, cotton swabs can lead to impaction and potentially harm the delicate structures within the ear. 

Over-the-Counter Solutions:

A safer alternative is utilizing earwax removal drops available at pharmacies, which often contain mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, or saline solutions designed to soften the earwax. These are a gentle first step for managing earwax at home. 

After applying the solution, tilt your head to allow it to penetrate deeper into the ear canal. Then, gently pull the earlobe in various directions to facilitate deeper penetration, following the product’s instructions for safe use. 

External Ear Cleaning:

For the outer ear, use a warm, damp cloth to gently remove any residual wax. Avoid inserting the cloth or any objects into the ear canal. 

When to Seek Professional Help 

Experiencing discomfort, hearing loss, or suspecting an excess buildup of earwax signals the need to consult a professional. Hearing instrument specialists and healthcare providers at Inland Hearing Aids are equipped with the expertise and tools necessary for safe and effective earwax removal. Self-diagnosis and treatment can sometimes lead to further complications. 

Next Steps for Effective Earwax Management

Consult a Specialist:

If you’re concerned about earwax buildup, scheduling an appointment with our hearing instrument specialists is essential. We provide personalized advice and treatment based on your specific needs. 

Stay Informed:

Keeping abreast of the latest ear health guidelines is crucial. Regular visits to reputable sites like the American Academy of Audiology can provide valuable information. 

Regular Checkups:

Especially important for hearing aid users, regular ear checkups help maintain optimal ear health and prevent complications. 

What We Offer at Inland Hearing Aids 

We provide safe, in-office earwax removal services utilizing advanced equipment and techniques. Our expert team offers various methods, including: 


A method that involves using a stronger solution containing carbamide peroxide combined with irrigation to break up stubborn earwax effectively. 

Curette and Suction:

For more challenging cases, we resort to a curette and suction method, ensuring thorough removal without damaging the ear. 

Our earwax management service includes: 

  • Otoscopy to check for earwax, infections, and other ear conditions. 
  • Earwax removal using curette, suction, or irrigation. 

Finding the Right Support 

Proper earwax management is essential for maintaining ear health. While there are effective home remedies, understanding the dos and don’ts is crucial to avoid complications. 

We are committed to providing professional and safe earwax removal services. If you’re experiencing any issues or need a routine check, our team is here to ensure your ears are healthy and your hearing is clear. 

Get in touch with us today and start hearing with clarity again. 

Earwax removal appointment

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