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We Offer the Ultimate Safety and Convenience of Virtual Appointments

Self-isolation, COVID-19 protocols, health, travel, and other scheduling issues sometimes make a physical face-to-face appointment inconvenient. To meet these challenges and offer the safest, most convenient solution, we also offer virtual appointments or Tele Audiology.

The influence of technology on our daily lives, especially communication, surged forward in the twenty-first century. As the world starts into a new decade, cell phones are within easy reach at all times, video conferencing allows businesses to conduct management and employee meetings with individuals on different continents, long-distance relationships are commonplace, and you can consult your doctor by using tele-medicine.

When neither an in-office nor curbside appointment provides a workable solution, Tele Audiology provides an alternative to getting the hearing care you need from your care provider.

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What Is Tele Audiology?

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Instead of a physical appointment, Tele Audiology allows you to connect to your hearing care provider for a face-to-face conversation via your computer, cell phone, or tablet.

Like our in-office and curbside consultations, Tele Audiology provides a safe alternative to address social distancing and self-isolation challenges.

However, Tele Audiology reaches beyond these protocols making it easier than ever to receive hearing care when scheduling, traveling, or finding a substitute caretaker for dependents is a challenge.

Several additional benefits have come from Tele Audiology, including the capacity to consult with your care provider whenever you are out of town to visit family, for business, or while enjoying your vacation at a seaside resort.

If you are trying to convince a reluctant loved one to seek help for their hearing challenges, Tele Audiology is a less intimidating and more convenient way for them to have their hearing care questions and concerns addressed by a hearing care professional.

Hearing aid wearers also reap benefits from Tele Audiology.

In addition to troubleshooting support, many modern hearing aids have a built-in remote programming feature.

This feature allows your hearing aid specialist to make programming adjustments to your device from a remote location.

Schedule a Tele Audiology Appointment

Hearing care is an important element in maintaining your overall health and requires prompt attention even if there are challenges involved with scheduling a curbside or in-office appointment. Tele Audiology provides an alternative solution to meet whatever challenges you have by allowing you to receive the high-level of hearing care you need wherever you happen to be. Complete and submit our form below to schedule your Tele Audiology appointment.

How Do Tele Audiology Appointments Work?

Tele Audiology appointments are as easy to schedule as any other appointment – and sometimes easier.

Here are some of the things you can expect from a Tele Audiology consultation:

1. Complete and Submit the “Schedule A Tele Audiology Appointment” Form

When our patient care coordinator receives your request for an appointment, you will receive a call to establish the best date and time for the appointment. Once we have set that up, the Tele Audiology ball is rolling.

2. You Will Receive a Confirmation Email

After setting the date and time, our patient care coordinator will send you a confirmation email. Besides being a reminder of your appointment, this important email will include information related to setting up and testing the camera and microphone on the device you are using for the appointment. It will also have the link you will use to connect to your care provider.

3. Connect with Your Care Provider

When the scheduled date and time arrive, all you have to do is click on the link provided in the confirmation email to connect via tele-conferencing for the face-to-face consultation with your hearing care provider.

4. Initial No-Obligation Consultations

Initial consultations are a fifteen-minute no-obligation service we provide to potential clients. Our initial consultations provide an opportunity to have your questions, concerns, and reservations about hearing loss and treatment options addressed by a hearing care professional. Should you wish to pursue a hearing assessment, we will be happy to assist you with scheduling.

5. Troubleshooting and Customer Care for Existing Patients

Tele Audiology is also something our existing patients can take advantage of for face-to-face hearing aid troubleshooting advice, remote programming assistance, or to address other concerns with your hearing care provider, just like you expect to receive whenever you come into our office.