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7 Reasons You Can Trust Your Hearing To Us

We believe that better hearing improves your quality of life. For more than 20 years, Dan Morehouse and his team of specialists have earned the trust of physicians, organizations, and thousands of local residents.

Here are 7 reasons why every member of our community who is struggling with hearing challenges can trust us to provide the help you need.

1. You Are Our Focus

Our client-centered approach means that we focus on what you need rather than selling you a hearing aid. We see the help we provide as a partnership designed to produce hearing care that fits your needs.

2. Our Use of Advanced Technology Benefits You

Advanced technology combined with our expertise and experience provides a better hearing experience to those we serve, which translates into realizing greater benefits from our hearing care partnership.

3. We Provide You with Exceptional Follow-up

We don’t use the “one and done” approach to hearing care. Our hearing aid fittings and programming continue until we achieve the level of comfort and clarity you desire. Exceptional follow-up includes support and encouragement while you adjust to your new device, cleaning, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair as well as hearing aid refitting to keep up with the changes to your lifestyle and hearing care needs.

4. Educating You Is Important to Us

Informed choices are better choices. We invest a lot of our time in making sure that you understand your hearing loss and the options available to treat it. Educating you is an important part of establishing trust in our hearing care partnership.

5. Serving Our Community Motivates Us

Our families live, work, and participate in the activities of Moses Lake, Omak, and Ellensburg, WA just like you. We are concerned about the needs of our community and commit our special gifts and talents to serve those around us through education and using best hearing care practices.

6. We Earn Your Trust

Without earning your trust, our hearing care partnership is worthless. We earn your trust by building on a foundation of honesty, integrity, and values, which include clear communication, following up on our promises, and making things right if we make a mistake.

7. We Love What We Do

Our client-centered approach means that we Watching you reconnect with loved ones, friends, and colleagues because you can hear better provides plenty of motivation to get us out of bed every morning. Helping you overcome hearing challenges so that you can live a more active, rewarding, and independent lifestyle is our greatest reward.

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  • Kimberlee P.

    Dan have taken care of both my grandmother and my father. Both live out of town either part-time or full-time and he has assisted in meeting their needs even at a distance. He’s been kind, professional, and courteous.

  • Karen C.

    Dan has taken care of both my Mom and my Mother in law's hearing needs over the years. Honest, professional, good at explaining and teaching - highly recommend this business.

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Dan Morehouse, HIS

Dan Morehouse, HIS

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Audrey, Patient Care Coordinator