Why is Hearing Loss the Third Most Prevalent Health Condition in the US?

Dan Morehouse with hearing assessment equipment

With more than 20 years of experience, we at Inland Hearing Aids understand how important the quality of your hearing is. We are also aware that living with a hearing loss can have a negative effect on your standard of living.

Considered one of the most highly respected healthcare bodies in the world, John Hopkins University found after conducting extensive research that hearing loss is the third most common healthcare problem in the US.

Currently, more than 38 million people in the country are said to be living with some form of hearing loss, while it’s believed that 15% of all US schoolchildren suffer from a form of hearing loss.

Following a 12-year study, John Hopkins University found that not only will hearing loss affect your day-to-day life, but it can also increase the likelihood of the patient developing a long-term health condition such as dementia.

There’s no need to live in fear of hearing loss, because we at Inland Hearing Aids care about you, your hearing, and we’re here to help.

Why do so many Americans live with an untreated hearing Loss?

1. Patients Are Often Unaware.

During my time as a hearing instrument specialist, I have found that patients can be living with a hearing loss for longer than 10 years.

A common answer to “why” is that the patient was simply unaware they were suffering from it.

Whether it be a gradual increase in the volume of their TV, struggling to hear what your spouse is saying in a crowded area, or having to ask a friend to repeat themselves on a regular basis, each of these can be telltale signs of hearing loss.

If this sounds like symptoms you or someone you know suffers from, it might be worth contacting us, if for nothing other than peace of mind.

To find that peace of mind, click here.

2. I’m Worried About What Others Might Say.

Again, this might sound strange, but people will often live with the fear of losing their hearing rather than approaching us to help them.

Musicians, construction workers, bar workers, and countless others are exposed to long periods of intense noise levels, and rather than admitting there’s an issue, they simply choose to ignore it.

Thanks to our decades of experience, we’ve found that patients are often afraid of what others will say or worry that their friends and loved ones will treat them differently after they receive treatment.

The reality is patients tend to discover that following their treatment, they are more connected to those around them, no longer struggle to understand conversations, and that their standard of living vastly improves.

3. I’m Worried About How They’ll Look.

Many of our patients fear the appearance of the hearing aids in their ears. However, the image of bulky hearing aids sticking out from the ear is outdated, and thanks to modern technology, hearing aids are now almost impossible to spot.

The smallest hearing aids still retain the highest sound quality, and thanks to Bluetooth technology can be directly connected to calls and music on your cell phone without any fuss. 

The majority of the time, no one will even know you’re wearing a hearing aid.

4. I’m Worried About How Much They’ll Cost.

There’s no denying that hearing treatment can be quite an investment, and it’s because of this we’ve found that patients are more likely to worry about the long-term cost and less about the long-term damage to their hearing.

Thankfully, the majority of insurance providers are now aware of the importance of hearing and its effect on a person’s standard of living. Many insurance providers cover hearing care as standard in their packages.

And if you think about it, what better investment than your personal health and wellbeing.

If you have concerns about you or your family’s hearing, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dan Morehouse, HIS

As a hearing instrument specialist and owner of Inland Hearing Aids, Inc., Dan Morehouse has spent more than 20 years earning the trust of physicians, community organizations, and thousands of residents through providing top-level hearing care to Moses Lake and nearby communities.

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